Risks & Rewards Of Investing In Bitcoin

Broker-Dealer Renews Call

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has released new guidance on digital tokens and ICOs. The agency, in its statement, revealed that it had been investigating the issuance of tokens connected to The DAO, the ethereum-based funding vehicle that collapsed dramatically last summer following an exploit of a flaw in its code.

Per the SEC, those “DAO tokens” constitute securities, though the agency said that it was not going to pursue any charges in connection with the project, but is releasing its finding “to caution the industry and market participants.”

Bitcoin Price Rallies Positive Newsflow

Investment Trust gaining regulatory approval for a public market listing in the United States. News of the Bitcoin Investment Trust gaining regulatory approval for a public market listing in the United States broke yesterday, giving bitcoin bulls reason for cheer. The fund plans to make its shares available for trade on a US ‘over-the-counter’ market, potentially bringing increased liquidity into the bitcoin markets. Trading data on major exchanges showed OKCoin and Bitfinex leading the rally Friday, with an increase in volume at 3:38am on both platforms, according to data from Cryptowatch. Bitstamp followed suit three minutes later, as did the Coinbase exchange.

Bitcoin Sets Record High Near $18k

Having successfully defended $16,000 earlier this week, bitcoin regained big tone today and clocked.  The cryptocurrency rose to a new lifetime high of $17,801.94 at 10:30 UTC, erasing the previous record high of $17,631.42 set on Dec. 12, as per Bit.Co’s Bitcoin Price Index (BPI). Bitcoin (BTC) has spent a better part of the last week trading sideways amid sharp gains in alternative cryptocurrencies, falling to $16,000 at points, before rising 8 percent in the last 24 hours. Still, the repeated rebounds from $16,000 levels are likely evidence of a strong “buy the dip” mentality among traders. That said, the price chart analysis shows that bitcoin could make a push towards the $20,000 mark ahead of the BTC futures by listing this Sunday.

Cryptocurrency – Who Are Involved With It?

Since the moment of Bitcoin’s appearance, I started some kind of a heavy research about the people involved with it and what the top entrepreneurs can say something regarding the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. A number of very notable and remarkable quotes from powerful global business entrepreneurs aware of their opinions that is related to blockchain technology, virtual currencies, cryptocurrencies, digital currencies and free payment systems. One vital note is to take after sort of speak money trail. As one may have observe the investment of Venture Capital with these digital technologies and currencies which increased from just two million in 2012 to one billion in 2015.

Are There Taxes On Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that uses cryptographic encryption system to facilitate secure transfers and storage. Unlike a fiat currency, bitcoin is not printed by a central back, nor is it backed by any. Bitcoins are generated by what is called mining—a process wherein high-powered computers, on a distributed network, use an open source mathematical formula to produce bitcoins. It takes real high-tech hardware and hours or even days to mine bitcoins. One can either mine bitcoins or buy them from someone by paying cash, using a credit card, or even a PayPal account. Bitcoins can be used like a fiat world currency to buy goods and services.

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